Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the Oscar goes to... BEST ACTRESS!

This year the nominations for Best Actress are to die for!!! Oscar darling Meryl Streep battle it out with Box Office babe Sandra Bullock; veteran Brit Helen Mirren goes head-to-head with newcomer Brit Carey Mulligan; and all the while Gabourney Sidibe gives one of the toughest, most senstive performances of the year! Wow! This year, the nominees for Best Actress are:

Sandra Bullock for THE BLIND SIDE
Helen Mirren for THE LAST STATION
Carey Mulligan for AN EDUCATION
Gabourey Sidibe for PRECIOUS
Meryl Streep for JULIE AND JULIA

And the Oscar will go to (according to Geoff)…

To be honest, I want to give it to all five! I thought Carey was AMAZING in AN EDUCATION (she owned that movie!) and God I think Sandra has a really good chance of giving one of those Sally Field “You really like me” speeches. But I think Meryl’s next Oscar is long overdue and this year will be her year. She has no equal!

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