Friday, July 30, 2010

LOl Moment of the Day!

Oh this makes me laugh! I just love the look on the moose's face at the start, checking to see when the camera turns! Double click on it to get the full picture. LOL!

Muse of the Day—Kris Evans

Get your heart racing and check out Kris in all his glory at my xxx blog now!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day at the Beach!

Movie of the Month—INCEPTION

Wow! I mean... WOW! Just when you thought the Hollywood machine had cranked dry of any originality or inspiration, out comes INCEPTION, a movie that is at once mind-blowing, heartfelt, spectacular, complex, dazzling, tense, daring, compassionate, technically-perfect, moving and utterly, utterly inspiring. There are probably holes in it, yes, but who the hell am I to start digging for glitches! Why? Because I'm just so damn appreciative of the first movie in a long time that doesn't treat me like an idiot. A movie that forces me to think and imagine. Thank you Mr Nolan! I'll be watching and re-watching INCEPTION for a long time to come!

Movie of the Month—INCEPTION

And how cool are all the Movie Posters!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Song of the Day—kd lang's version of "Hallelujah"

For anyone who has seen the pic of me in a dinner suit in the right hand panel of this blog and wondered "what the heck is Geoff doing in a dinner suit!", it was taken a couple of hours before this performance by kd lang at this year's Logies Awards, which is kinda like Australia's version of the Emmys. Don't ask me how I got invited, who knows, but I've been a huge fan of kd for so many years I actually named my cat (one of them) after her! If you listen carefully, you can hear my solitary 'Woo!" at the 56 second mark (well before everyone else!) as soon as I realized what she was about to sing! Thanks kd! You rock!!!

LOL Moment of the Day!

So you think you can dance? To be honest, I can't. But thank heavens I've never caused harm to myself or anyone else - LOL!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thailand—The First 3 Days

Wine by the sea, longtail boats on the sand, monkeys on the beach, limestone cliffs that touch the sky, me with a windswept, fist-crushed hat on my head... Paradise!

Thailand—The First 3 Days

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Setting of THE PEARL

The Top End of Australia—a tropical paradise filled with beauty. Wonder. Danger. For two young boys growing up, the remote beaches and aqua waters of the Northern Territory provide a playground of adventure. So it is for half-Aboriginal Jarrah Yindi and his best friend Luke Lawson, who spend their summers diving for pearls and dodging Old Salty, a man-eating crocodile, under the stormy summer skies of Darwin.

And as the boys grow older, their friendship gradually becomes a need to be together, and slowly something more blossoms. But for two teenage boys, falling in love is very different to understanding love. As they teeter on the brink of manhood, as life beyond school looms like a summer storm—at once exciting and terrifying—will life tear the two friends apart? Or will love keep them together forever?

THE PEARL is out now and available from

Sunday, July 18, 2010

THE PEARL - out now!

My brand new novella, THE PEARL, is a coming-of-age gay romance set in Australia's beautiful but hostile Top End, and is available now at

I hope you all enjoy it! It's a beautiful little love story.