Friday, July 30, 2010

Muse of the Day—Kris Evans

Get your heart racing and check out Kris in all his glory at my xxx blog now!


  1. hello! Loved your first two books but it's hard to get in touch with you for me somehow. What happened to the gay teen that came off the streets that was sick at the end of the first book? I didn't seem to find him in the second book? Also is the third book out yet and do you have any other books out or movie? Thanks.

  2. Hi Chasepan,

    You're welcome to email me on anytime you like. Glad that you've found me here.

    Sam is the gay teen in CROSS OF SINS, and he's there in RIDDLE OF THE SANDS. He gets kidnapped along with the Professor. You can track down all my books at if you like.

    Talk soon!