Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Song of the Day - Freddie Mercury’s “Love Kills”

Without a doubt Fritz Lang’s 1927 sci-fi epic METROPOLIS is a masterpiece! So when Giorgio Moroder re-released the film in 1984 with a contemporary soundtrack featuring Freddie Mercury, fans of the original weren’t so thrilled. But Moroder’s version isn’t half bad and apparently its recently been re-mastered for DVD. There’s also a fully restored version of Freddie Mercury’s song “Love Kills” which I think is his best ever single. It was something of an anthem for me while I wrote THE CURSE OF THE DRAGON, which has a strong theme of unrequited love running through it. This is the old version of “Love Kills”, but I promise I’ll keep searching high and low for the restored video. Until then, are you ready for Freddie?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The one and ONLY excerpt from THE CURSE OF THE DRAGON

Chapter 1

The Port City of Aden, Yemen

The young man known only as the Tunisian lay on the bed, naked and unconscious. Eden watched him from the balcony doorway overlooking the shimmering Middle Eastern gulf and thought to himself how beautiful the young man was; too beautiful for this line of work. Spies die young. The choices he made, the risks he braved, guaranteed that the young Tunisian would one day leave behind a good-looking corpse and a heart full of secrets. Then again, many had said the same of the handsome Dr. Eden Santiago.
Last night, Eden had met the Tunisian in an out-of-the-way restaurant in the backstreets of Aden, listening carefully to the information he had gathered regarding the rendezvous that was about to take place between the Chinese and the Yemenese black market racketeers.
Back at the hotel, after opening a bottle of Chilean wine in Eden’s suite, the two men made love. When they were finished, Eden and the Tunisian sat on the ruffled sheets of the bed facing each other, their legs entwined.
“You must be careful,” the blue-eyed Tunisian warned. “Qassim Qahtani is a dangerous man. It’s not his shipping business that has made him his millions. It’s his involvement in illegal weapons, and it comes at a cost. The cost of lives.”
Eden reassured him, “I’m only here to observe, not intervene. We need to know who’s trading the diamonds and what Qahtani is offering in exchange.”
“Then let me go with you.”
“You’ve already helped enough.”
“Eden, I’m coming. I owe the Professor everything.”
“And I owe you an apology.” Eden took the half-empty wine glass out of the Tunisian’s hand as he noticed the young man begin to sway on the bed.
“W-what are you talking about? E-e-den?” The Tunisian's speech was beginning to slur as realization set in. “Oh Jesus, you’ve drugged me with one of your potions.”
Eden’s response came with a nod to the cloudy wine left in the glass. “Potions? I’m a scientist, not a witch doctor. Take it easy now, it was a heavy dose. I had no choice, I knew you’d insist on getting involved.”
The Tunisian looked at the pale wine swilling in the bottom of the glass, his face struggling to conjure up a look of surprise and betrayal as the drugs kicked in. Then a faint smile. “You know me too well.”
“On the contrary. I don't even know your name.”
But the Tunisian didn’t hear him. With a graceful swoon his body began to sink, still conscious. Just.
Eden wrapped his arms around him and laid him down gently on the bed. “Sshh. Sleep now. You'll have a terrible headache when you wake tomorrow afternoon, but at least this way you won’t try to follow me. You won’t get hurt.”
“What—what about you?”
Eden smiled. “I told you, I’m only here to observe.”
But the Tunisian's crystal blue eyes had already closed as he slipped into a deep sleep. Eden kissed him lightly on the lips and laid the young man’s head on his pillow.
Then he stood by the open balcony door. He stood there the entire night, watching the lights of the boats on the harbor and the late-night activities of the merchant shipping port. There were three ships moored: a Suezmax-class French cargo ship, an African oil tanker which had stopped at port to refuel overnight, and a huge, rusted old Yemenese vessel. As the hours passed, Eden watched the last of the Yemenese ship’s containers being unloaded, carted from the bowels of the ship on large heavy-duty forklifts, down a loading ramp before being stacked neatly on the wharf.
Occasionally Eden glanced back into the room to make sure the Tunisian was still asleep.
And as the sun eventually rose in the east, spilling over the harbor, Eden dressed and left the Tunisian safely behind locked doors.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus!

I think he actually breaks his leg. Too funny! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Song of the Day - Nelly Furtado’s “Try”

God how I love Nelly. She's beautiful, clever, talented and one of the most diverse singer-songwriters in the world today. "Try" is one of my favorite Nelly Furtado songs. It's such a honest and heartfelt message that the grass isn't greener on the other side, and that perfection is something that doesn't exist at all, despite our desire for it. As Nelly says in the song, "The fewer the seeds, the more I sow." We're all guilty of it, and we all need reminding that the perfect life is just an illusion. More often than not we're already happy, we just can't see it.

Muse of the Day

Dissection of an Action Sequence


I’m currently fine-tuning the climax of my new book THE CURSE OF THE DRAGON and when I need a break I tend to play movies that keep me inspired and thinking about what makes a good action sequence. The other night I put on INDEPENDENCE DAY which is certainly flawed but is basically a solidly entertaining action sci-fi film, mostly because of Will Smith’s energy and also because of the annihiliation scene a third of the way into the movie which, in 1996, blew us all away and still stands up today! One of the reasons this scene works SO well is the lack of music for the majority of it. Very cleverly, the score shuts down just as the alien ships are about to blast the heck out of us, and then when all hell breaks loose, we have no musical cues whatsoever. Nothing but the sound of cars flying through the air and buildings blowing up. The tension is extreme and it heightens the reality of the moment. Without music, there’s no predicting what will happen, no clue as to who will live or die, nothing at all for us to cling to other than the arm of our chairs. Only when Vivica A. Fox sees the blast wave coming (such a nice shot with her completely unaware son in the backseat of the car and a fiery death fast-approaching from behind) does the music kick in and propel us toward the end of the scene. Cue a mother’s determination to save her family, dog and all!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

China's First Government-Endorsed Gay Bar!

This week, China opened its first government-endorsed gay bar! And while there's speculation that many gay bars already exist in China—such as the shady Beijing Betty's which features heavily in my third Fathom's Five novel, THE CURSE OF THE DRAGON—the newly opened club was partially funded with local government money. It's a step in the right direction for China, who has an estimated gay population of 30 million but didn't decriminalize homosexuality until 1997. In fact, until 2001 homosexuality was still officially considered a mental illness in China.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Song of the Day - Koop’s “Island Blues”

I know it's getting cold elsewhere in the world, but down in Australia the summer is starting to sizzle. This song has that breezy tropical feel to it that makes me love this time of year so much!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today's Life-Lovin' Moment!

As a huge SOUND OF MUSIC fan, this Flash Mob moment at Central Station in Antwerp gives me goosebumps and make me wanna cry with happiness. I LOVE this! It takes all your cares away and makes the world a better place!


Muse of the Day

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sexy, flexy Jakub Stefano!

While I’m convinced that the buff, brown and boyishly good-looking Jakub Stefano is one of the sexiest men on the planet, I can’t help but wonder what’s going through his head based on his various (and hilarious) facial expressions as he flexes his way through this vid. I'm not sure if he's in pain or going to the bathroom in his shorts! God bless him though, he's still totally hot!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Muse of the Day

Song of the Day - Regina Spektor’s “On The Radio”

Wow! I NEVER fall for anything with kids in it, probably because I don't and won't ever have any (sad but true thanks to the world we live in). But this clip sucks me in and I don't know why! It scrambles my dissection radar and I love it! Theoretically the lyrics of this song shouldn't work at all with this clip, but for some reason it all falls together beautifully. Why? I don't know. But I love being surprised! Enjoy!

The Cleaning Hunk

I know everyone's probably seen this by now, but as someone who works in advertising and writes erotica every chance he gets (yes, I even jot story notes down on the back of parking tickets in my car when I'm rushing between meetings!) I am a true believer in SEX SELLS! I love this!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Out Magazine's Class of 2009

The Out 100 is—well—out, as Out Magazine publishes its Class of 2009, featuring the 100 most inspiring men and women in the GLBT community. The list of honorees includes Neil Patrick Harris, Cyndi Lauper, Will Young, Pedro Almodovar (all pictured below) and 96 other wonderful, inspiring and influential people, including my new boyfriend du jour, singer Matt Alber! Check it out at

Iron Man 2 & Sherlock Holmes

Well the first one-sheet poster of Iron Man 2 is out and it looks HOT, with Iron Man standing back-to-back with War Machine! Unfortunately the trailer's not available yet, so I thought I'd stay with the Robert Downey Jnr theme and show you the trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes movie which hits cinemas in three weeks time. I think it's gonna be AWESOME!!

Erotica vs Porn

Hi gang! Check my good friend, fellow author and sex expert Violet Blue on Oprah (yes, Oprah!) talking about the difference between erotica and pornography! It's a great debate and Violet has some really defining views on the subject. The segment's kinda aimed at the female market, but there is a very cute tennis coach/porn actor in some of the snapshots!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Muse of the Day

World AIDS Day—Red Ribbons Rock!

Okay first of all, OUCH yes! Pinning the ribbon onto my hunky cover guy totally hurt him, but like a true hero he didn't even flinch. Well, maybe a little pec ripple happened, but I pretended not to notice!

Secondly, what an awesome day! I just finished my shift volunteering to sell Red Ribbons on the streets of Sydney! Made some great new friends and met so many lovely people wanting to buy ribbons, pins and wristbands! My faith and hope in humanity is alive and well!

I have to admit I was very excited and a little bit nervous about starting my day (I'm not a very good salesman!) but this is the kind of fantastic experience everyone should have! The most unexpected people prove generous and loving, and there's a weird and wonderful bond that happens between strangers, like forming an instant lifetime companionship when you're backpacking. It was amazing!

While a lot of people think that AIDS is something that can now simply be treated with medicine, like an aspirin for a hangover, the frightening facts are that almost 33 million people are living with HIV worldwide today and 28 million have died from an AIDS-related illness. A new HIV infection is diagnosed somewhere in the world every seven seconds and someone dies from an AIDS-related illness every 11 seconds. This is a fight we can win! We just have to keep up the support!

Monday, November 30, 2009


It's official, I've met the man of my dreams! Well, I haven't actually met him, but I've seen his face and heard his voice and stepped into his world with this melting music clip! And it doesn't get any better than this! Matt Alber is the most romantic soul on earth, but his emotional resonance is heightened with a clip of style and substance, kinda like Mad Men meets Rufus Wainwright. Imagine this: a barber shop, sideways glances, two men waltzing and a kiss to melt your heart! Now enjoy!

Meet my new buddy—Buddy!

Hi everyone, my name's Buddy! I'm 8-years-old and I've just been adopted by Geoff, three hours before I got the needle because some family got bored with me and didn't want me anymore. Since then I've had a haircut (I was in a pretty bad way) and now I have a great home, a warm bed to sleep on, and coffee every morning at my local cafe (not that I drink coffee, but Geoff does and Jackie who runs the cafe always has a treat for me!!) Me and Geoff are a match made in heaven! (Geoff took this photo of me in my new garden. He's gay and insisted on having flowers in the photo. LOL!) He just had to share!

World AIDS Day—1st December

Tie a Red Ribbon round the old oak tree, and pin one on everyone you know! Tomorrow is World AIDS Day and I'm SO excited that it's the first year I finally get a chance to sell some red ribbons on the street! I have my backpack ready with water and sunscreen and I can't wait! I hope it's an awesome day to raise lots of money!! Wish us all luck everyone!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adam Lambert's Kiss!

Well, I was going to post a video of the kiss and a bunch of sexy shots from the night on my blog, but I'm guessing (and hoping) that everyone's seen it by now, so I thought instead I'd post the classiest pic of Adam I could find, because I want to say I think he did something in his own style...and with style. The definition of style, of course, is arguable, but I define it as someone expressing themselves truly as they are without the intention of offending anyone. Sure, I think Adam wanted to get attention, but I honestly believe that we should be living in an age where two men kissing is no longer offensive. Unfortunately alot of pearl-clutchers out there think differently, and so Adam instantly got upgraded from rockstar to crusader. And I'm happy about that because I think he has what it takes. He's passionate about his sexuality and doesn't pretend to be anything he's not. PLUS he has the likes of Roland Emmerich asking him to record the title track for his movie 2012, which says to me that America wants his talent. The question is, can America accept Adam for who he is, not just his voice? I hope the answer is yes, because some people might learn a few things!

I think the real reason I'm posting this though is because one of the first criticisms to come out of this was from a female journalist who said Madonna and Brittany were allowed to kiss because they're famous, but if Adam wants to be a gay activist he has to become a true celebrity first. I'm sorry!!!!!! Since when do you have to become a celebrity to be a gay activist! Especially if you ARE gay (unlike Madonna and Brittany)! Anyone living a proud gay life is instantly a gay activist in my book—whether you live in Hollywood or on a farm!

With World AIDS Day coming up next week, the best we can do is be proud of who we are and support one another. I wish the rest of the world could be proud of us and support us too. Maybe someday. Until then, keep kissing, Adam!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Muse of the Day

More Action Figures to Save the World!

They're not the hunks from Fathom's Five, but as promised, check out another five heroic action figures ready to save the day and rescue us all from the clutches of Evil!

Waitress Action Figure complete with a serving tray, two meals (breakfast AND lunch), removable cloth apron and a smile!

William Shakespeare Action Figure with removable book, quill and a headful of prose!

Lunch Lady Action Figure with food scoop, serving tray, her own serving station and three different colored servings of swill!

Houdini Action Figure with straight jacket, two sets of shackles, chair and rope!

Mozart Action Figure with movable arms and legs so he can conduct an orchestra and sit on his piano stool. (Orchestra and piano not included).

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lost in Translation - THE SOUND OF MUSIC

Now just for the record, Mother Superior’s line is officially: “Maria, our Abbey is not to be used as an escape. What is it you can’t face?” But sometimes when you’re trying to get the words out quickly, well…

...and then there's this touching and pivotal exchange between Maria and the Mother Superior which I think ended up on the cutting room floor!

Song of the Day - Bjork's "Bachelorette"

I love this clip, it’s so 1920s German Expressionist, so dramatic and surreal! God bless Bjork. She lives by her own rules and nobody else’s—as some photographers and reporters have discovered. Such a temper, but such a talent!

Sexy Stocking Stuffers for the Holiday Season!

Wondering what to buy that special someone (including yourself!) for the Holiday Season? Well I’ve got the perfect surprise that’ll put the bulge in someone’s stocking! Grab one or all three of A.J. Ryan’s novelettes, available now on Amazon. These books are easy-to-read bite-sized, boys-own adventures packed with horny hunks, mystery and thrills, and lots of steamy mansex, all at a bargain price! Whether you’re into hot sizzling vampires or comedy crime capers, the A.J. Ryan Novelette Collection promises one-handed reading pleasure for the Holiday Season! So stuff their stockings with something sexier than socks and click on the A.J. Ryan Novelette Collection in the right-hand column of my blog! Don’t miss out!

Dissection of an Action Sequence


I have to admit I’m not a fan of the dinosaur stampede scene in Peter Jackson’s KING KONG, it’s little more than a chase scene with too many dinosaurs, not a lot of reason behind it and no time for the audience to really take in what’s going on. However, the magnificent T-rex scene more than makes up for it.

In this scene, not only is it Kong’s first chance to prove his love for Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts), but Ann herself is forced to make a choice of survival: try her luck alone with the T-rex or put her trust in Kong (who at this point she considers the lesser of two evils) to protect her.

But the truly breath-taking moment in the sequence is the swinging vines. Along with the two T-rexes, Ann and Kong are entwined in the web of vines and swinging helplessly like pendulums while the snapping jaws of the dinosaurs swing closer and closer. This is pure cinematic tension at its best, because the fate of our heroes is completely beyond their control. It’s a case of inertia, and luck, and as an audience we have NO idea what will happen!

Monday Muse-Fest!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today's Life-Lovin' Moment!

This clip for The Principal's Office "Dirty Dancing" made me laugh! I so want to write Brandon and Logan into my next book—they're so damn hot together!

Song of the Day - Rufus Wainwright's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

If you’ve never seen Rufus Wainwright perform live, do yourself a favor and make sure you do! He is simply amazing! I doubt I’ll ever see a live performance to rival his.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Muse of the Day

Goodness, I know you're all looking at his gorgeous face and pumped chest and ripped abs, but check out that forearm! I confess I have a forearm fetish and THAT'S HOT!

Today's Life-Lovin' Moment!

A Drag Queen, a sunny day, disco music, Bondi Beach and cute boys! This is awesome!

Another fun RIDDLE review, this time from BookWenches!

Another fun review for THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS! Check it out by clicking on the BookWenches link in my review column or you can cut and paste this address -

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sex with a Superhero!

Ever thought of having sex with a Superhero? Of course you have! Find out who I'd do the deed with in this very hot and steamy article by Barry Lowe. We talk Men of Steel, as well as how to write about great sex! It's fun stuff! You can check it out at this link from this week's SX Magazine -

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Muse of the Day

Song of the Day - Regina Spektor's "Eet"

I love this song for so many reasons, not least that I think Regina is a genius! Her lyrics are incredible (listen closely), her voice can flip between cool off-tune folk to angelic chorus in a single breath, and her piano work is breath-taking! But more than anything, as a writer I love the wonderful music-making typewriter in this clip! Enjoy!

The Fathom's Five Hunks by Cartoonist Brett Willis

After reading my first book, my friend Brett Willis, a Melbourne-based cartoonist, asked if he could draw my five hunks! The result is AWESOME! I love them! They're so much fun! So if you ever wondered what a camp comic strip of Fathom's Five might look like, here's Jake Stone, Eden Santiago, Shane Houston, Luca da Roma and Will Hunter as imagined by Brett.

For more of Brett's illustrations visit him at or just go down to my Friends list and click on the link!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon's Taylor Lautner

It's amazing what a haircut can do! Nobody blinked twice at Taylor Lautner in Twilight, but now that the hunky young werewolf has trimmed his locks we're ready for him to tear us apart!

Muse of the Day