Monday, November 30, 2009


It's official, I've met the man of my dreams! Well, I haven't actually met him, but I've seen his face and heard his voice and stepped into his world with this melting music clip! And it doesn't get any better than this! Matt Alber is the most romantic soul on earth, but his emotional resonance is heightened with a clip of style and substance, kinda like Mad Men meets Rufus Wainwright. Imagine this: a barber shop, sideways glances, two men waltzing and a kiss to melt your heart! Now enjoy!

Meet my new buddy—Buddy!

Hi everyone, my name's Buddy! I'm 8-years-old and I've just been adopted by Geoff, three hours before I got the needle because some family got bored with me and didn't want me anymore. Since then I've had a haircut (I was in a pretty bad way) and now I have a great home, a warm bed to sleep on, and coffee every morning at my local cafe (not that I drink coffee, but Geoff does and Jackie who runs the cafe always has a treat for me!!) Me and Geoff are a match made in heaven! (Geoff took this photo of me in my new garden. He's gay and insisted on having flowers in the photo. LOL!) He just had to share!

World AIDS Day—1st December

Tie a Red Ribbon round the old oak tree, and pin one on everyone you know! Tomorrow is World AIDS Day and I'm SO excited that it's the first year I finally get a chance to sell some red ribbons on the street! I have my backpack ready with water and sunscreen and I can't wait! I hope it's an awesome day to raise lots of money!! Wish us all luck everyone!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adam Lambert's Kiss!

Well, I was going to post a video of the kiss and a bunch of sexy shots from the night on my blog, but I'm guessing (and hoping) that everyone's seen it by now, so I thought instead I'd post the classiest pic of Adam I could find, because I want to say I think he did something in his own style...and with style. The definition of style, of course, is arguable, but I define it as someone expressing themselves truly as they are without the intention of offending anyone. Sure, I think Adam wanted to get attention, but I honestly believe that we should be living in an age where two men kissing is no longer offensive. Unfortunately alot of pearl-clutchers out there think differently, and so Adam instantly got upgraded from rockstar to crusader. And I'm happy about that because I think he has what it takes. He's passionate about his sexuality and doesn't pretend to be anything he's not. PLUS he has the likes of Roland Emmerich asking him to record the title track for his movie 2012, which says to me that America wants his talent. The question is, can America accept Adam for who he is, not just his voice? I hope the answer is yes, because some people might learn a few things!

I think the real reason I'm posting this though is because one of the first criticisms to come out of this was from a female journalist who said Madonna and Brittany were allowed to kiss because they're famous, but if Adam wants to be a gay activist he has to become a true celebrity first. I'm sorry!!!!!! Since when do you have to become a celebrity to be a gay activist! Especially if you ARE gay (unlike Madonna and Brittany)! Anyone living a proud gay life is instantly a gay activist in my book—whether you live in Hollywood or on a farm!

With World AIDS Day coming up next week, the best we can do is be proud of who we are and support one another. I wish the rest of the world could be proud of us and support us too. Maybe someday. Until then, keep kissing, Adam!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Muse of the Day

More Action Figures to Save the World!

They're not the hunks from Fathom's Five, but as promised, check out another five heroic action figures ready to save the day and rescue us all from the clutches of Evil!

Waitress Action Figure complete with a serving tray, two meals (breakfast AND lunch), removable cloth apron and a smile!

William Shakespeare Action Figure with removable book, quill and a headful of prose!

Lunch Lady Action Figure with food scoop, serving tray, her own serving station and three different colored servings of swill!

Houdini Action Figure with straight jacket, two sets of shackles, chair and rope!

Mozart Action Figure with movable arms and legs so he can conduct an orchestra and sit on his piano stool. (Orchestra and piano not included).

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lost in Translation - THE SOUND OF MUSIC

Now just for the record, Mother Superior’s line is officially: “Maria, our Abbey is not to be used as an escape. What is it you can’t face?” But sometimes when you’re trying to get the words out quickly, well…

...and then there's this touching and pivotal exchange between Maria and the Mother Superior which I think ended up on the cutting room floor!

Song of the Day - Bjork's "Bachelorette"

I love this clip, it’s so 1920s German Expressionist, so dramatic and surreal! God bless Bjork. She lives by her own rules and nobody else’s—as some photographers and reporters have discovered. Such a temper, but such a talent!

Sexy Stocking Stuffers for the Holiday Season!

Wondering what to buy that special someone (including yourself!) for the Holiday Season? Well I’ve got the perfect surprise that’ll put the bulge in someone’s stocking! Grab one or all three of A.J. Ryan’s novelettes, available now on Amazon. These books are easy-to-read bite-sized, boys-own adventures packed with horny hunks, mystery and thrills, and lots of steamy mansex, all at a bargain price! Whether you’re into hot sizzling vampires or comedy crime capers, the A.J. Ryan Novelette Collection promises one-handed reading pleasure for the Holiday Season! So stuff their stockings with something sexier than socks and click on the A.J. Ryan Novelette Collection in the right-hand column of my blog! Don’t miss out!

Dissection of an Action Sequence


I have to admit I’m not a fan of the dinosaur stampede scene in Peter Jackson’s KING KONG, it’s little more than a chase scene with too many dinosaurs, not a lot of reason behind it and no time for the audience to really take in what’s going on. However, the magnificent T-rex scene more than makes up for it.

In this scene, not only is it Kong’s first chance to prove his love for Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts), but Ann herself is forced to make a choice of survival: try her luck alone with the T-rex or put her trust in Kong (who at this point she considers the lesser of two evils) to protect her.

But the truly breath-taking moment in the sequence is the swinging vines. Along with the two T-rexes, Ann and Kong are entwined in the web of vines and swinging helplessly like pendulums while the snapping jaws of the dinosaurs swing closer and closer. This is pure cinematic tension at its best, because the fate of our heroes is completely beyond their control. It’s a case of inertia, and luck, and as an audience we have NO idea what will happen!

Monday Muse-Fest!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today's Life-Lovin' Moment!

This clip for The Principal's Office "Dirty Dancing" made me laugh! I so want to write Brandon and Logan into my next book—they're so damn hot together!

Song of the Day - Rufus Wainwright's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

If you’ve never seen Rufus Wainwright perform live, do yourself a favor and make sure you do! He is simply amazing! I doubt I’ll ever see a live performance to rival his.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Muse of the Day

Goodness, I know you're all looking at his gorgeous face and pumped chest and ripped abs, but check out that forearm! I confess I have a forearm fetish and THAT'S HOT!

Today's Life-Lovin' Moment!

A Drag Queen, a sunny day, disco music, Bondi Beach and cute boys! This is awesome!

Another fun RIDDLE review, this time from BookWenches!

Another fun review for THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS! Check it out by clicking on the BookWenches link in my review column or you can cut and paste this address -

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sex with a Superhero!

Ever thought of having sex with a Superhero? Of course you have! Find out who I'd do the deed with in this very hot and steamy article by Barry Lowe. We talk Men of Steel, as well as how to write about great sex! It's fun stuff! You can check it out at this link from this week's SX Magazine -

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Muse of the Day

Song of the Day - Regina Spektor's "Eet"

I love this song for so many reasons, not least that I think Regina is a genius! Her lyrics are incredible (listen closely), her voice can flip between cool off-tune folk to angelic chorus in a single breath, and her piano work is breath-taking! But more than anything, as a writer I love the wonderful music-making typewriter in this clip! Enjoy!

The Fathom's Five Hunks by Cartoonist Brett Willis

After reading my first book, my friend Brett Willis, a Melbourne-based cartoonist, asked if he could draw my five hunks! The result is AWESOME! I love them! They're so much fun! So if you ever wondered what a camp comic strip of Fathom's Five might look like, here's Jake Stone, Eden Santiago, Shane Houston, Luca da Roma and Will Hunter as imagined by Brett.

For more of Brett's illustrations visit him at or just go down to my Friends list and click on the link!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon's Taylor Lautner

It's amazing what a haircut can do! Nobody blinked twice at Taylor Lautner in Twilight, but now that the hunky young werewolf has trimmed his locks we're ready for him to tear us apart!

Muse of the Day

Song of the Day - The Pet Shop Boys' "Domino Dancing"

A little Latino treat today—it's the 12 inch mix of The Pet Shop Boys' "Domino Dancing". I was going to post the 7 inch version, but who could resist all 12 inches with those cute topless twinks wrestling on the beach in the final scenes!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

I don't know what I'm more excited about—the actual movie or seeing Jake all buffed up with his shirt off!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monday Muse-Fest!

Because Monday can be such a daunting day, I've decided to start up my Monday Muse-Fest to brighten the start of everyone's week! Enjoy!

The Best Reason to be a Sci-Fi Nerd!

Okay, so I admit it, I'm a sci-fi nerd! I've never actually written any sci-fi because I like grounding my stories in the here-and-now, I just find a contemporary context more interesting for me as a writer, but that's not to say I haven't read all of Arthur C. Clarke's books, not to mention the fact that I re-watch the ALIEN movies on a regular basis. And then there's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! Apart from the riveting plotting, the shocking twists, the brilliant dialogue and the wonderful characters, I'm not ashamed to say the best reason to watch BSG is... well, a picture tells a thousand words—

Song of the Day - Queen's "I Want to Break Free"

God bless Freddy! He'll love forever in our hearts—such a talented, funny man!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Song of the Day - Hermes House Band's "Que Sera Sera"

This is so cute and cool I'm sure even Doris Day would approve! Besides that, I used to work in a cinema as a kid (no surprises for guessing that!) so the clip has nostalgia written all over it for me! Enjoy!

The Gods of Football!

It’s no secret among those who know me well that despite the intense physical activity (and abuse) I put my heroes through, my own physical prowess leaves a lot to be desired. I may be great at one kind of ballplay, but when it comes to throwing, passing, catching or kicking balls (ouch!), I’m not so flash! However, the one sport I do enjoy is gazing open-jawed at football stars, especially when they’re hot and half-naked! So bring on the Gods of Football, a selection of players in their physical prime from Rugby and Australian Rules Football. And the great thing is, perving on these perfect specimens comes guilt-free because it all goes to help charitable causes. For more info visit but in the meantime, enjoy these exemplary examples!

Dissection of an Action Sequence


A good action sequence should always raise the stakes and have the reader or viewer genuinely concerned for the safety of the protagonists. I believe it should have layers and a level of complexity that doesn't necessarily make the reader or viewer have to think, but delivers some sort of twist or surprise. The best action sequences are the ones that make me think, "Wow! I didn't see that coming!"

When the forces of good act unknowingly in opposition to one another, you've got a great recipe for suspense and action. One of my favorite action sequences of all time is "Hire Wire Stunts" from Jurassic Park. There's no real chase and fast-flying action in it, but it delivers a great deal of tension because it pits Ellie's (Laura Dern) efforts to rescue everyone unwittingly against the survival of Alan (Sam Neill) and the kids, Lex and Timmy. Ellie has to turn the island's power on if they all want to get out of the park alive, but in doing so she endangers Timmy who is climbing the electric fence at the precise moment Ellie powers up the island. The stakes are high and there's a very short fuse before Timmy gets fried. It's wonderful writing!

The World of Don Draper

Is Don Draper not the sexiest creation in the history of television? I dare say he is! For while the lush details in the set design make me want to redesign my entire home, while the voluptuous swinging hips of the secretaries make me wonder why any woman would want to be anything thinner than a size 8, while the humor bites and the drama stings and dialogue snaps and sparkles, it's Don Draper—charming, cool, collected, clever, tragic, in control yet utterly helpless—who keeps me glued to Madmen! What an amazing character. I'm so jealous he's not mine!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009