Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adam Lambert's Kiss!

Well, I was going to post a video of the kiss and a bunch of sexy shots from the night on my blog, but I'm guessing (and hoping) that everyone's seen it by now, so I thought instead I'd post the classiest pic of Adam I could find, because I want to say I think he did something in his own style...and with style. The definition of style, of course, is arguable, but I define it as someone expressing themselves truly as they are without the intention of offending anyone. Sure, I think Adam wanted to get attention, but I honestly believe that we should be living in an age where two men kissing is no longer offensive. Unfortunately alot of pearl-clutchers out there think differently, and so Adam instantly got upgraded from rockstar to crusader. And I'm happy about that because I think he has what it takes. He's passionate about his sexuality and doesn't pretend to be anything he's not. PLUS he has the likes of Roland Emmerich asking him to record the title track for his movie 2012, which says to me that America wants his talent. The question is, can America accept Adam for who he is, not just his voice? I hope the answer is yes, because some people might learn a few things!

I think the real reason I'm posting this though is because one of the first criticisms to come out of this was from a female journalist who said Madonna and Brittany were allowed to kiss because they're famous, but if Adam wants to be a gay activist he has to become a true celebrity first. I'm sorry!!!!!! Since when do you have to become a celebrity to be a gay activist! Especially if you ARE gay (unlike Madonna and Brittany)! Anyone living a proud gay life is instantly a gay activist in my book—whether you live in Hollywood or on a farm!

With World AIDS Day coming up next week, the best we can do is be proud of who we are and support one another. I wish the rest of the world could be proud of us and support us too. Maybe someday. Until then, keep kissing, Adam!

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