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A Texas Cowboy. A Brazilian Doctor. A College Quarterback. An Italian Model. A New York Adventurer. And a mystery that's bigger than all of them!

Experience all the adventure, all the passion, all the sizzling sex and heart-stopping action in an all-new re-mastered edition of THE CROSS OF SINS featuring never-before-published material including:

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PLUS the all-new bonus short story THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF ELSA STRAUSS: THE DAME OF NOTRE DAME (which I know you’re gonna love!)

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The Eyes Have It!

Exclusive Excerpt from the brand new THE CROSS OF SINS!

Riding Arturo bareback, with Acacia by their side, Shane and the horses thundered across the land as the sky thundered above them. They came to a halt, Arturo rearing upward, at the edge of a shallow ravine.

Shane jumped from Arturo’s back and stood staring down into the dark.

He heard a frightened whinny, then, as lightning shot across the sky, he caught a glimpse of young Jax, trapped in the gully. He seemed unharmed, but somehow he had managed to fall or find his way down there and couldn’t get back up.

Shane quickly sized up the steep ravine. “I’m comin’ little buddy! Hold on!” Then he turned to Arturo. “Arturo. Rope! I need you to get me a rope from the stables. Rope! Do you understand?”

Arturo’s head bucked up and down, his hooves clomping, and as swiftly as he raced across the ranch, he disappeared into the darkness.

At that moment the heavens opened and the rain came down in a deluge.

It turned the sides of the ravine into a muddy slippery slide as Shane scrambled and rolled his way down, his clothes soaked through by the time he hit the floor of the ravine.

Jax came bounding up to him.

“Hey, mister! You okay? You hurt?” Shane checked the colt’s lanky legs, his hips, his ribs. No broken bones. Now all they had to do was find a way out.

Shane knelt in the pelting rain and stroked Jax’s wet coat. “Okay little buddy, here’s the deal. You’re gonna be brave and let me sling you over my shoulders, okay? Then you and me are gonna climb our way outta here.” He glanced up the wall of the ravine to see it quickly turning into a mudslide, then added, “Somehow.”

With some effort, Shane hoisted Jax over his shoulders and felt the weight. “Damn, you’re a growin’ boy, ain’t ya!” Then, with his fingers clawing into the mud and boots finding footholes wherever he could, the young cowboy started to climb his way out of the ravine.

He got six feet up when thunder cracked across the sky.

Jax squirmed nervously.

Shane lost his grip and slid all the way to the bottom again.

“Okay,” he panted to himself. “Maybe this is gonna take a little longer than I thought.”

He started clambering up the embankment again. Just then the rain got heavier. It poured over the brim of his hat. He had trouble seeing what he was doing, feeling his way, making a grab for a ledge or a sturdy-looking shrub with each flash of lightning.

Then the mud beneath his left foot gave way, the rocks in his right hand came loose, and Shane once again slid to the bottom of the ravine with an increasingly-frightened colt on his back.

That’s when both man and colt heard Arturo’s whinny at the top of the embankment.

Shane looked up and a coiled rope landed across his face. “Ow!”

Then suddenly he heard another sound.

Not Arturo’s whinny from above.

Not thunder.

This was something altogether different.

A rush.

A roar.

Shane looked quickly up to the opened heavens, then left, where the ravine ran all the way up to the mountains. And all he could whisper was, “Oh shit!”


COMING SOON - He's suave. He's sexy. And he's about to take you headlong into action! Adventure has a new name!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Deep End of the Jean Pool!

LOL Moment of the Day!

Oh dear. Whenever a person with a spray tan machine asks how light or dark you want your tan, think of this picture. A darker tan does NOT necessarily equate to getting your money's worth - LOL!

Music Track of the Day—Alexandre Desplat's "The Meadow" (from the film NEW MOON)

Okay, for fear of losing all credibility (if I ever had any), today's track is from the film NEW MOON. I'm not a massive fan of the TWILIGHT saga, although they're certainly not bad films, I'm just not really the target audience. However, I am a fan of great music soundtracks and I think Alexandre Desplat is one of the best composers of our time. For some reason a lot of people didn't like the score to NEW MOON, but I think it's one of the most beautiful soundtracks to come out of Hollywood in a long, long time. Anyway, this piano piece is called "The Meadow" and is a really strong and mesmerizing example of the movie's main theme. Enjoy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Muse of the Day—Derec Alexander

If you can handle the heat, check out Derec Alexander in all his gorgeous glory at my x-rated blog -

Not Life-lovin' Moment of the Day!

Okay, time to get controversial! First of all, Facebook deleted my account page and my fan page without a good reason. Secondly, when I jumped through their many hoops and asked for an explanation, I got none! Thirdly, when I tried to delete their app from my iPhone, it wouldn't let me rate that app! For any other app, when you press the delete button, it allows you to rate how good or bad it is. But if you try to rate the FB app, you CANNOT click on the rate button!

Does the F logo need a swastika behind it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Muse of the Day—Nick Ayler

Muse of the Day—Nick Ayler

Today's Life-lovin' Moment!

One of my favorite books in the last year was Amy Sedaris' hilarious I LIKE YOU: HOSPITALITY UNDER THE INFLUENCE. Described as Martha Stewart's evil twin, Amy (who was the brainchild behind the outrageously funny TV series STRANGERS WITH CANDY and sister to bestselling gay author David Sedaris) covers everything and anything domestic in her book, from cooking and entertaining, to grooming and art and crafts.

Enjoy tips such as not turning up to a first date in a wedding dress, at a funeral never ask "Was he drinking?", and my favorite munchies recipe (while stoned) which is: "Take the chewed-up cracker that is in your mouth and top it on another cracker and eat it." LOL!

By the way, David Sedaris is also the man who came up with the world-famous Fuck It Bucket. Here are the instructions on how to make your very own Fuck It Bucket!

Go get a 1 gallon paint pail
. Fill it with candy, write 
Fuck it Bucket on it. When shit gets you down, 
just say Fuck it, and
 eat some motherfuckin' 

Muse of the Day—Philip Fusco