Friday, June 11, 2010

What does the F really stand for?

Well this morning I woke up to discover my Facebook account has been deleted - including both my personal page and my fan page - and if I want to find out why I have to jump through hoops! My first guess is that they didn't like the pictures I posted, which I have to say were MUCH tamer than the ones I post here and quite frankly, they were the kind of pics you see platered all over FB. But alas, in the words of ABBA, the gods have thrown the dice!

The truly ironic thing is that I sometimes have meetings with Facebook through work and I'm actually quite a big fan (not anymore!) and when I got up this morning and found out I'd been wiped off the grid, I was actually wearing a Facebook T-shirt!! LMAO! Anyway, fuck you Facebook! Gives me more time to spend blogging! Maybe this was the kick up the ass I needed to start up a second blog for those who like things a little more erotic. I am afterall an erotica writer!


  1. Hey, Geoffrey, I'm so sorry to hear about your Facebook problems. What a bunch of prudes! I do hope you get everything resolved - but if not, I'll still be in touch through your groovy blog!

  2. Hey Marc!

    Thanks for that! It was a triple whammy for me this month. I got wiped off FB, plus I found out this week the my beloved Maximus - my cat of 10 years - has cancer and only about 6 weeks to go, PLUS my computer had a complete meltdown 3 weeks ago and I lost a bunch of stuff including all email contacts, so please send me yours again to! I wanted to talk to you about something I'm diving into headfirst (wisely or not!).

    Hope you're well!