Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the Oscar goes to... BEST ACTOR!

Just as difficult as the Best Actress category is this year’s list of Best Actor noms! With the exception of Jeremy Renner they’re all veterans, all actors who deserve this award. And hats off to Jeremy too—for an unknown to land a Best Actor nom is a feat unto itself… oh and he’s really hot too. Does that deserve an Oscar? This year, the nominees for Best Actor are:

Jeff Bridges for CRAZY HEART
George Clooney for UP IN THE AIR
Colin Firth for A SINGLE MAN
Morgan Freeman for INVICTUS
Jeremy Renner for THE HURT LOCKER

And the Oscar will go to (according to Geoff)…

Well, it’s a toughie! George is always great and he’s in with a chance, but I don’t think this is the movie that will do it for him. He will win one year, just not this year. And I’d love to say give it straight to Colin Firth, but since Sean won last year for MILK I’m not so sure they’ll give it to an actor playing a gay character two years in a row (having said that, the acting community is incredibly pro-gay and that comment was not cynical or judgemental in any way, it’s just the way the game goes). So that leaves Jeff Bridges’ stand-out performance in CRAZY HEART as a shoe-in for me. It’s this year’s THE WRESTLER. With country and western guitars.

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