Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who's your Favorite FATHOM'S FIVE Hunk?

Have you voted yet?

The search is on to find out who is everyone's favorite Fathom's Five hunk! Is it New York adventurer Jake Stone, Brazilian biologist Eden Santiago, Texas cowboy Shane Houston, Italian art expert Luca da Roma or Californian college quarterback Will Hunter?

It's like Idol without the songs, Survivor without the disgusting food challenges, or Big Brother without the morons! Whose physique will reign supreme? Only you can decide. Right now it's neck-and-neck between Will and Shane, with Jake a close third, Eden an even closer fourth and Luca bringing up the rear—as he does so well ;-)

Don't miss your chance to vote now! Check out the poll in the right-hand sidebar and choose your ideal hunk today!

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