Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dissection of a Sexy Boy's Room!

I LOVE this picture for obvious reasons...but then the writer/detective in me takes over and I start to dissect and analyze everything in sight and piece together the story of a stranger. For example: the washing basket on the floor to the left suggests that this hunky young man may still live at home, an argument that is strengthened by the family photo on the television and the Sesame Street balloons behind him (that's not something you sneak into a dorm room!) His muscle worship is more than evident—there's a jar of protein powder at the end of the bed, an Arnold Schwarzenegger poster on the wall and a book by Arnie on the shelf under the TV, and the 300 poster on the wall could be there for inspiration... or perhaps arousement even... because the pink shaft-like device on the end of the bed has me intrigued, as does the slip of something small and pink in the washing basket. But the most pressing question is: in a room this messy, how does this hunk find the space to fuck anyone!?!


  1. I fucking love your blog. Best thing ever! (comparable to buff naked boys and chocolate!)

  2. Ha, too funny! Thanks Kate! I think you rock too! I have to say though I'd prefer buff naked boys and you've got me hungry! :)