Sunday, January 24, 2010

Song of the Day - Cole Porter’s “You're the Top” performed by Cary Grant and Ginny Simms

God bless Cole Porter! While I'm on a Cole-roll, I thought I'd post this oh-so-cute little love song that is the epitome of Porter's style: a classic, catchy melody with lyrics that can be read two ways, innocent yet hinting at Cole's not-so-innocent desires. Take it either way, because that's the beauty of Cole Porter's songs—they are what you want them to be. For me, well lyrics like "Baby if I'm the bottom you're the top," say it all. But although he was clever, Cole was never sly or patronising, and his tunes (and the performances that went with them, like this one) go down as the best showtunes in history. Over to you, Mr Grant and Ms Simms!

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