Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie Poster Mayhem - Steven Spielberg!

By far, my favorite director of all time is Steven Spielberg! Yes I know, there are a lot of amazing directors out there. But I think choosing an all-time favorite comes down to who you are, the stories you enjoy, and what you were watching in those formative years when the art of storytelling was something you first began to truly appreciate as a child. For me, movies like RAIDERS, E.T. and POLTERGEIST (not directed by Spielberg and hence not on this list, but he did produce and write it) made me who I am today. I wish I could say I saw JAWS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS as a child as well but I was too young, however that's not to say they didn't have an impact, simply through the movie posters I saw and the (terrified) word of mouth on the street. I lived in a small beach town at the time which made JAWS instantly terrifying, as well as the most vivid memory of going to the travelling fair and winning some CLOSE ENCOUNTERS bubblegum cards. It was night and I got scared, even there amid the bright flashing lights and carnival noises all around. I've never liked carnivals ever since. Naturally I saw those movies as soon as I could, and yes, they still scared and consumed me. Anyway, enough said. Here's my Spielberg Top 5!

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