Saturday, October 3, 2009


Date [undisclosed]

My Dearest Max,

It's been such a long time, I've missed you terribly since last we met. The work I was doing in Istanbul led to the opportunity to lead an excavation at a site in the Turkish desert, thirty miles south of Ankara, which is where I am now. I hope this telegram finds you well, and I hope it finds you swiftly and safely. I have urgent news.

Recently one of my apprentices unearthed a stone tablet with inscriptions on it I cannot identify. On this dig so far the most we've managed to find is pots and urns and the occasional spearhead. This stone is by far the most significant find of the excavation so far... and yet, Max, I am keeping it as confidential as I possibly can.

Max, I believe it may be one half of Zefferino's Stone.

I know this news will mean something of tremendous importance to you. I also know that you are not the only one aware of its significance. I will keep the stone safe and secret and await your reply, my dear friend; I hope this news reaches you before someone else finds out its whereabouts. That is my gravest fear.

Your friend always,
Dr Joseph Hadley

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