Monday, September 21, 2009

Putting Words to Music

You Know My Name Video

As an author I listen to a lot of music not only when I write, but also when I'm thinking about writing, blocking scenes in my brain, concocting themes and characters and plot twists. While I'm head down at the computer I normally listen to film scores (I have a HUGE collection) to movies like ANGELS & DEMONS or QUANTUM OF SOLACE or anything by John Williams or Hans Zimmer. But when I'm driving the car or taking a shower and thinking about what to write next, I tend to listen to songs that hold the key to something in my head that I'm yet to unlock, some dark door in the back of my brain that needs to be opened to release whatever's behind it.

Given the Bond-esque nature of my books, it's no surprise that I watch a lot of 007 movies. But when Chris Cornell's theme song to CASINO ROYALE was released, well, I knew we were in for something special. Masculine, no-nonsense, full of power and sexy as all hell, "You Know My Name" became something of an anthem for THE CROSS OF SINS. If you've read the book, the clues are all there!

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