Monday, September 21, 2009

Muse of the Day

Well finally I've kickstarted my blog, a hub of news, reviews, ramblings and raunchy stuff and more importantly a home for all things Fathom's Five! I've often been told I'm a visual writer—I am indeed a very visual person—and like most people I like to picture my characters in my head when I write and read a story. I'd like to say I have a definitive person in my mind for each of the characters I create, but the fact is my heroes more often than not turn out to be a sizzling mixing pot of lots of different hunks I see in movies, on the net, or in magazines. These men are something of a muse to me. And so it seemed entirely appropriate that I start up a Muse of the Day section on my blog. Consider a thankyou to all the beautiful men out there, the type of guy who has adventure written all over his gorgeous body!

It also seemed entirely appropriate that I start with model Lance LaMar, the hunk who has graced the cover of my second Fathom's Five adventure—THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS. This photo was taken by Travis Wickline for—nice work!

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