Sunday, September 4, 2011

Movie Review: SCRE4M

There are just some places where people really shouldn’t live. That Amityville house is one of them. Jaws’ favourite haunt, Amity Island, is another (mmm, sensing a theme here). Thankfully the town of Woodsboro doesn’t have an ‘Amity’ in it… but it does have a killer called Ghostface, as poor old Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell) discovers when she returns to her hometown on the last leg of a tour to launch her new self-help book. Does the book contain enough advice to help a whole new generation of kids escape the slashing knife of Ghostface?

Watch your back, because one of the best horror franshises in history returns for the first time in over 10 years. The original Scream broke the mold—the traditional rules of the horror genre were cut to ribbons, the film’s victims made logical choices and they still ended up cut to ribbons too, and now more than a decade on, horror maestro Wes Craven continues to surprise and scare us!

New decade, new rules. The big question is, can Sydney, Gale and Sheriff Dewey survive the chop a fourth time??

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