Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie Review: I AM NUMBER FOUR

I didn't have amazing hopes for this supernatural teen adventure, but I actually kinda liked it! The very sexy Alex Pettyfer plays a normal high school kid who turns out to be not so normal. Actually, he's Number 4, something he learns after his mentor discovers that Number 3 just got murdered and the forces of evil will now be coming after Number 4. They kill sequentially, and unless Number 4 can learn to harnass his newfound powers, he's next! I AM NUMBER 4 is based on a bestselling book series and will hopefully kick off a new movie franchise ala Harry Potter and Twilight. If Alex Pettyfer continues to star, I'll watch!

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  1. I like the final battle that is between John, Nicole and the Mogadorians because the loyalty of some of the other human characters comes into play. The special effects are quite good too with the blue and red guns and blue super powered beams that come out of John’s hands. I rarely have a chance to watch TV at home any more as work is becoming more demanding, summer activities to take the kids to and dates with my wife. That’s why I love my DISH Network employee Sling adapter so much that I found out about on because I get my favorite shows in like AGT when I have spare time but away from home. Now that they are showing the big acts I can’t help but watch the first change I get.