Monday, January 10, 2011

Mugshot of the Day—Phil Barone, Playgirl's Man of the Month, March 1986

When I was in my mid-teens, I remember slinking up to a newsstand in the middle of the city and buying my first Playgirl Magazine, handing over my hard-earned cash with a trembling hand. It was the March 1986 issue, and centerfold Phil Barone was pretty much the hottest man I had ever laid eyes on. Even now I think his centerfold photos depict one helluva gorgeous male specimen!

Unfortunately while sourcing some of these hunky classic pics, I stumbled across this: a Florida mugshot of Phil from late last year, aged 51. Beauty really does fade, time marches on, but I'll always remember that day at the newsstand. Thanks for the memories, Phil!


  1. I was wondering, while at your XXX site, where are they now? Above is one of the answers.

  2. It's kinda sad, isn't it Peter! But then again, it's a good lesson. Beauty is only skin deep. But being a good person is forever! :)

  3. Very sad, he was a friend of mine back in the day. Do you know where he is now?