Thursday, December 16, 2010

Movies You've Never Heard Of - Reviewed!

Wow!! I watched a movie last night called FROM BEGINNING TO END and it totally blew me away! It's a Brazilian movie about two half-brothers who grow up so close that they become completely interdependent and eventually fall in love. It sounds like such a taboo, as though it's a story told merely for shock value, but I found it to be the complete opposite.

At once risky and romantic, intimate and erotic, sexy and sincere, this is a tale of true love that is both heart-breaking and heart-soaring. The acting was fantastic, and although it's not the perfect film in terms of structure, it's still a poetic piece of art with an unconventional romance at the heart of it. I loved this movie so much that as soon as it ended I immediately wanted to watch it again.

FROM BEGINNING TO END gets a very enthusiastic 9 out of 10 from me. Prepare to leave your sense of traditional social mores at the door and immerse yourself in this one!


  1. Filme maravilhoso, sou Brasileiro e ao contrário de você, nunca pensei que seria um filme para deixar os espectadores de boca aberta, o Brasil tem a fama de ser o pais da nudez, mas somos o oposto disto, somos muito carinhosos.
    Mas a sua indicação é excelente, esse filme é mt bom.

  2. Thanks Marcelo! I translated your message... for anyone who doesn't speak Portuguese (like me) here it is. Thanks for leaving a lovely message, and yes, I utterly adored this movie (although I've lent it to me ex-boyfriend and he loves it so much I don't think I'm going to get it back!!) x

    From Marcelo:
    Wonderful movie, I'm Brazilian and unlike you, I never thought it would be a movie to leave audiences open-mouthed, Brazil has the reputation of being the parents of nudity, but are the opposite of this, we are very affectionate.
    But their statement is great, this movie is good mt.