Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book of the Week - THE SHADOW OF THE WOLF

Richard Rosenwood knows how to commit the perfect murder. A Professor of Criminology, this popular, mild-mannered academic is an expert in the motives and methods of the world’s most infamous serial killers. But the disturbing facts he teaches his students become lessons of his own, for Richard Rosenwood is plotting the perfect murder—something that needs a victim and a scapegoat.

Holly Salinger is the perfect victim, a kind-hearted prostitute who longs for a better life. When a smart, charming Professor gives her the attention and care she longs for, is Holly catching a glimpse of her dream come true, or walking straight into a trap?

Klaus Irga is the perfect scapegoat. As one of the deadliest serial killers to plague America in recent history, he is ravenous, vicious and has been given the nickname The Wolf because his victims simply vanish without a trace—no flesh, no skin, no bones.

But this serial killer is about to gain something more serial killers never experience. An ally. A confidante. His name is Richard Rosenwood. And he has a plan.

"...Mr Cross has given us a piece of first-class entertainment..."
"...a thriller that will entangle you with psychological suspense, well-crafted drama and heart-pounding action..."
"...Holy Cow, what a trip..."
"...This novel is good—very, very good—and is truly a keeper for me..."
"...Take a deep breath before you open the cover..."
"...filled with finely-drawn detail, excellently-crafted characters and scenes that will both intrigue and horrify you..."
"...a plot filled with wonderful twists and turns..."
"...I can't recommend this novel highly enough..."

"...Cross blends a tale of mayhem and murder..."
"...builds to a crashing crescendo..."
"...the ending leaves you with a chill down your spine..."

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